Dear cocktail bartender,

We know how much effort you put into every

cocktail you serve; the special liquor, homemade ingredients and beautiful garnish.

Ice is usually a topic - what to use? Is it crystal

clear? and how much dilution do you get?

We have put a lot of effort into our premium

ice cubes, to make the ice that your cocktails


We have made sure you get premium!

- All the ice is crystal clear

- All the water is filtered

- Food approved (Elite smiley)

Choose a premium ice solution



Cubes cut by size:

LARGE 5x5x5 cm. 

X-LARGE 6x6x6 cm.

LONGER 5x5x6

Find the size that suits your glasses.


Raw blocks, you can chop yourself.

Size: 50x25x25 cm.


Besides the ice, we can supply you with tools, knifes, logo-stamps, trays and everything you need to become an icemaster!

More are already doing it! Try it for yourself!

We can also teach you! Try our next masterclass

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